In my dreams I never thought that I’m going to be an Import Car Agent to Israel, and this is my story

I’m a private Tour Guide since 1994 which uses Tour Car to guide Private Tours for businessmen, individuals and families



when I needed to replace my Tour Car I requested from the Israeli ministry of Transportation import license. They refused because I want to use it for my business and for my private use

Why I asked them a simple question

Because this is our policy was the answer

 Please explain, I requested, and the Ministry of Transportation Car Manger answer answered again BECAUSE THIS IS OUR POLICY

I petitioned by myself, no lawyer, to Supreme Court against the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION 7006/07


twelve years later I imported my first car after I won the case in SUPREME CORT  by my self – without lawyer, and I’m only a tour guide if you remember.

Discovery 4 I paid $50,000 instead of $100,000 at the local dealer

Not only I won the case in court, with the help of the Economical committee in our Parliament – KNESSET , and with the help of the Minister of Transportation Mr.Israel Katz I changed the law

Now any Israeli that need to import used car to Israel for is business is allowed to do it – Hallelujah

I did it against the top administration in the Ministry of Transportation including Mr. Avner Flor that behaved as an agent to the CAR IMPORT DEALER in Israel which is a Monopoly. Yes in Israel each car dealer is a monopoly!       Only one dealer to Mercedes + Hyundai only one car dealer to  GMC etc. And against the Tax authority that blame all citizen of Israel being crooks and liars because we fabric the value of cars

The Slogan of Herzel “If you will it it is not a dream” works with me as well. I’m very happy that I won the civil servants that favor the CAR IMPORT DEALERS MONOPOLIES and not the citizens of Israel

Israel Ministry of Transportation LICENSE 053334132   Self Car Import Agent

Israel Ministry of Transportation – Self Car Import Agent Moti Barness – license 053334132