I’m an authorized Car Import Agent  to Israel, for self import,  this is my license

Israel Ministry of Transportation License for Car Import Agent on my name number 053334132

My main job is a tour guide operate a tour car but I devote my life to fight the traitors civil servants in ministry of transportation that instead helping the common men they help the car import monopolies

In Israel their is no competition because for each car producer their is only 1 dealer. Self import car is a very small competition to the monopolies and it became possible to do self import for businessmen, not only for private use,  thanks to my petitions 7006/07  against ministry of transportation to Supreme Court

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I specialize in import used 6-14 passengers car, 1-1.5 years old, as Tour Cars for Tour Guides and Taxis

Mercedes V-Class , you can save up to $20,000 with Self Import
Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE. I saved $50,000 with self import